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Category: Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression Therapy Shown to Be Effective at Improving Pain, Disability and More

Written By Atlas Chiropractic & Wellness on June 10, 2021

Statistics show that 80% of adults will experience lumbar pain at least once in their lifetime, many of these due to one or more herniated discs. Many studies show that non-surgical spinal decompression therapy helps improve both pain and disability.  At... Read More

Spinal Decompression for Herniated Discs: What You Need to Know

Written By Atlas Chiropractic & Wellness on September 14, 2020

Back pain is a leading cause of new patient visits at chiropractic clinics across the world. Back pain can affect anyone at any age. In fact, studies have shown that nearly 80% of the population, that’s approximately 31 million Americans... Read More

Low Back Pain Treatment with Chiropractic

Written By Atlas Chiropractic & Wellness on December 28, 2018

Need low back pain treatment? Try chiropractic care, one of the best ways to help treat back pain. Chiropractic is also one of the most popular ways to treat back pain. Approximately 22 million Americans see a chiropractor each year, and... Read More

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