DOT Physical Exams at Your Local Duluth Chiropractor

Do you need a place where you can take a confidential Department of Transportation exam without waiting long hours at your regular doctor’s office?

Here is everything you need to know about receiving a DOT physical exam in Duluth at Atlas Chiropractic & Wellness Center before you get that new transportation job.

What is the DOT Exam?

If you are a professional truck driver, bus driver, or any type of commercial driver, it is required, by law, to undergo a special health exam before starting your new transportation job. Completing and passing the DOT exam tells your employer, as well as your city’s Department of Transportation if you are fit and healthy enough to drive for a specific job.

During the exam, your chiropractor will test for any health issues and substance use, and check each system in the body for abnormalities that might impede your ability to drive safely.

What Do the DOT Physical Exams in Duluth Test for?

The DOT exam reviews and tests for the following:

  • Health history and complete examination of all body systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, etc.)
  • Urine test: A test to determine blood sugar levels and the presence of specific proteins in the body, as well as drugs present in the body.
  • Vision and hearing test
  • Vital signs: Blood pressure, heart rate, lung capacity, etc.

If, during your test, Dr. K. Anthony Merati detects any abnormalities, he will advise treatment facilities or methods that you need to attend to before proceeding with your job.

Your chiropractors will report their findings (pass/fail) to your employer if there is any cause for concern.

Is Receiving a DOT Exam in Duluth Right for You?

Dr. K. Anthony Merati, D.C., NRCME is a registered medical examiner on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. He complies with all regulations and will make your exam quick, confidential, and pleasant for you.

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