How to Prevent Neck Pain When Sitting at Your Computer Desk

Working at a desk for long periods can put a damper on your back and neck health. The muscles in your back often tighten up or become sore – distracting you from work.

Did you know there are ways to significantly prevent neck pain while at your desk?

3 Ways to Prevent Neck Pain in the Office

Bad posture is often the culprit when it comes to back or neck pain after sitting for a long time. Incorrect posture, if not corrected, can also cause other issues within the body such as damage to your internal organs, unnecessary pressure on the spine, and unpleasant moods.

Here are 4 ways to prevent bad posture during your daily grind at the office:

Take Mini Breaks

It is best to build in intentional breaks to walk and stretch your body in between work sessions. This allows your muscle and spine to relax and recuperate, taking the stress off the system. Plan to take a break every hour for at least 5 minutes. After a couple of hours, take longer breaks.

Practice Mindful Posture

There are three important steps to good posture:

1. Sit up straight and tall.

2. Sit back in your chair with your lower back touching the chair backing.

3. Keep your shoulders back, relaxed, and away from your ears.

Adjust Your Desk Set-Up

It may not occur to you, but the set-up of your desk is very important when it comes to your back and neck health. Make sure your wrists rest on your keyboard comfortably, your monitor is at eye level and not any higher (to avoid neck-straining), and that you adjust your office chair to not be too high or too low.

How Will Neck Pain Treatment in Duluth, GA Help You?

If you are still in pain, chiropractic care is a great alternative neck pain treatment.

Dr. Marta Maria Trujillo and Dr. K. Anthony Merati will treat your neck pain with the utmost care. They offer spinal manipulations and massage therapy as great alternatives to pain medicine and/or surgery.

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