“Drs. Marta Trujillo and Tony Merati are a great team personally and professionally. They listen to me about my pain and do an excellent job with therapy to relieve me of that pain. Their family oriented approach, including Dr. Marta’s mother Lucy who works at the front desk, is genuine. They truly care about their patients and put you at ease making you feel as if you were part of their family. They have helped me so much with my sciatic pain that now I go mostly for maintenance therapy. They are thorough; they listen to your concerns, and make you feel great before you leave their office. I highly recommend Drs. Marta and Tony to everyone who has neurological pain.”

– Tom Knox

“I was in an automobile accident, Dr. Marta and Dr. Tony treated my Neck and Back. I feel much better after a few visits. They are experts in taking care of injuries. I highly recommend this clinic. I appreciate them for what they have done for me.”

– Anonymous Google User

“I was in a car accident recently and my golf swing was off due to pain. All I can say is I’m back on the greens and my game has improved! I will continue chiropractic care.”

– Mike S

“Being a patient of this family oriented office a second year. Both doctors are professional and working on your schedule. Glad to have them near my office. Feel much better after their treatment on my low back severe pain. Will recommend!!!”

– Anonymous Google User

“I LOVE how friendly they are. They actually care about your recovery & the way you feel. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who has been involved in any sort of accident & needs to be treated.”

– Anonymous Google User

“They are fantastic people. Thank to my neurologist that told me about atlas chiropractic and wellness. My tingling and numbness in my hand is gone. I have tried three other chiropractors in Duluth, but atlas doctors did a well done job. Thanks.”

– Anonymous Google User

“Dr. Trujillo and Dr. Anthony are good doctors they treat people with lots of respect. They make sure you leave the office feeling good. I feel they really care about my well my health. I’m glad they are my doctors. –Anonymous Google User
I’m having a treatment right now and I can’t even believe how nice these people are! They only care about my well being!”

– Anonymous Google User

“They have been great in every way possible for me to get back to 100%. They are one of the nicest people I have ever met and are always doing what is in the best interest for my recovery.”

– Anonymous Google User

“In a peaceful environment Dr. Trujillo and Dr. Merati provided the best care, I felt that they genuinely cared about my health. They both explained to me what was going on with my body and how they planned on getting me back to the initial stages. Im walking better and finally having a good nights rest thanks to treatment by this amazing team.”

– Camilla Botero

I am a United States Marine who was badly injured in Iraq. I was shot in the head and fell 20 feet onto my head. I have suffered from constant, severe headaches and terrible lower back pain since the injury.
Military doctors were not able to help me. They said I would just have to live with the pain. After one year, I decided I could not tolerate it anymore and decided to try a chiropractor. I chose Atlas Chiropractor at first because of the closeness to my home. After calling them, I knew it was the right choice from their warm personalities and enthusiasm to help me find comfort in my pain.
Dr. Marta began making adjustments to the atlas bone at the end of July this year. By the beginning of September I no longer had any headaches and my lower back feels a 1,000 times better and is almost completely healed. I am able to do any physical activity I did before.
I hope this letter encourages every chiropractor to continue practicing and to believe in your line of work. I know that atlas adjustments worked amazingly and have restored my entire lifestyle to me. Thank you and keep doing what you do.”

– Daniel M.

“It started with a tight muscle on one side of the neck, but this was different. The pain causing muscle was deep, next to the bone. I thought “yea, a stiff neck, it will go away”. It did not. In fact the next day the pain and stiffness moved to the other side, but then it was a group of muscles in pain. As my concern grew, I tried to apply heat, and a gentle massage. By the third morning, the stiffness would allow hardly any movement of the head, and the pain was terrible , radiating across the base of the skull, from ear to ear, and down to the tip of each shoulder, and every point in between; like a triangle on fire. In my whole life, I never experienced neck pain like this. As a massage therapist, I realized this was not a muscle problem, but a pinched nerve that was inflaming all the muscles associated to the neck. I had to find a good chiropractor quick.

Doctor Kang’s office recommended Dr. Marta Trujillo, D.C., and I am happy I made the call. Right on target, exactly the therapy I needed for the exact problem I had – a misalignment of the first cervical vertebra, known as the C1 or Atlas. Oh, what a relief. After the first treatment, the fire along the base of my head went away in minutes.

With the source of the fire corrected, the jumbled mess in my neck began to unwind. By the time of the second treatment, the rest was history. The pain was only soreness, and I gradually returned to normal activity… with care not to stress out my neck too much. I was happy to have the situation monitored for awhile to be sure I did nothing to invite a repeat of that horrible experience.

Talking to Doctor Marta is like talking to a family member more than a doctor. She put my concerns to rest quickly, and addressed my problems in precisely the way I needed the most. I highly recommend her for any neck problem. I can’t say that enough.”

– Gerold M.